How to spot the lion in the grasslands

The lion is on the rise in North Dakota, where grasslands are being converted into a hunting and fishing zone.This month, a lion was spotted in a grassland.This is part of a bigger trend in North Dakotas history of changing how hunters hunt and fish.A lion was also spotted in the past month in western […]

How to avoid being stuck in a ‘fence’

On March 31, the federal government began phasing out the controversial “fence” programs.The program had been used by states and counties to limit the growth of cattle and cattle ranches.Now, the Department of Agriculture will be rolling back that.The move comes as more states have implemented measures to reduce their herds and the number of […]

National Review: Is the US Government’s effort to keep its endangered wildlife program a “grasslands program” a mistake?

The Obama administration’s effort last year to restore the American wolf, and others threatened by the global extinction of species like the bobcat and bobcat reindeer, is widely considered to be the most ambitious conservation program ever undertaken by the US government.The Trump administration, however, is taking a much more ambitious approach.“If we want to […]

Bears spotted in southern California desert, say officials

SAN DIEGO — A large population of grizzly bears has been spotted in northern California and its foothills.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said the bears were spotted Sunday in the Chico area, south of Chico, California, and a ranger found two bears with signs that indicated they had been spotted on Thursday.The bears were […]