Grassland Shelter Is a Game-Changer for the Future of Wildlife Protection

The landscape of the world’s grasslands has been changing in a number of ways over the past few decades.Over the last century, the global grasslands population has doubled, and more than half of all grassland habitat worldwide has been lost to development.While this is still happening, grassland habitats are increasingly under threat from human activity […]

National Review: Is the US Government’s effort to keep its endangered wildlife program a “grasslands program” a mistake?

The Obama administration’s effort last year to restore the American wolf, and others threatened by the global extinction of species like the bobcat and bobcat reindeer, is widely considered to be the most ambitious conservation program ever undertaken by the US government.The Trump administration, however, is taking a much more ambitious approach.“If we want to […]

New research shows the importance of grassland for wildlife

The importance of the grassland ecosystem is growing.And it is the subject of a new study led by the University of New South Wales.The study is the first to examine the links between grassland biodiversity and wildlife populations.The research was carried out in Australia’s wetland belt.The team, led by Dr Nick Smith from the Department […]


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