How the Climate Change War Against The Grasslands Is Driving Up Prices

The climate change wars against the grasslands are not just a battle over how to protect our precious water sources.They’re a war for land, for biodiversity, for economic prosperity, and ultimately for our way of life.As a nation, we’re going to need to stand up for our environment.As climate change threatens to disrupt and destroy […]

‘Crazy to see how crazy people are’: ‘The world is changing faster than we can keep up’

In the summer of 2017, the world looked to be in a state of transition.We were witnessing a massive shift in how we consume and live, and how our communities are organized, and we were facing the possibility of massive change.In response to these changes, people around the world began organizing.They began gathering in their […]

Why are we so sensitive to tropical grasses?

A growing concern in the field is the widespread and damaging impact of tropical grass species that thrive in the subtropics.While tropical grasslands offer a multitude of uses, some species are particularly resistant to herbicides and fungicides and are particularly prone to disease.Tropical grasses also grow in large numbers and are commonly used for their […]