What are the world’s grasslands?

The grasslands are areas that cover more than 100 million hectares (3.7 billion acres) in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand are the most commonly visited areas.These landscapes provide habitat for wildlife, provide essential water for agriculture, support human activity, and provide recreation and tourism.Grasslands are also […]

How to find the best grassland photos

There’s no doubt that the beauty of a grassland is the feeling of a well-managed ecosystem that’s both wild and beautiful.But there’s also a great deal of data to help you make an informed decision.We’ve broken it down into three categories: landscape, nature, and landscape-focused, to highlight some of the most important and fascinating information […]

A new species of tropical grassland on the coast of Australia has created a new ecological challenge: It’s a major contributor to climate change.

A new genus of tropical tropical grasslands has emerged from the waters off the coast, raising questions about the sustainability of existing vegetation on Australia’s temperate islands.The new grasslands are located off the east coast of Queensland, and scientists are now trying to understand their role in altering Australia’s climate.

How the grasslands of Australia are changing and you need to know

With the first ever Australian grassland exhibition opening this week, the grassland is taking on a new importance.But how does it affect us?The grasslands have changed in Australia over the past century.In many ways they’ve become more vibrant.In some places they’ve been transformed by urbanisation, but in others they’ve also provided us with a vast […]


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