The world’s most dangerous places to be a wildlife photographer

1.Brazil (2) 2.Vietnam 3.Malaysia 4.China 5.Argentina 6.Argentina 7.Thailand 8.Indonesia 9.Malaysia 10.Vietnam 11.India 12.Laos 13.Philippines 14.Russia 15.Australia 16.Canada 17.Indonesia 18.France 19.Canada 20.Germany 21.France 22.Turkey 23.Thailand 24.Israel 25.Australia 26.India 27.Brazil 28.Indonesia 29.Indonesia 30.Philippines 31.South Africa 32.China 33.Mexico 34.India 35.France 36.Malaysia 37.Russia 38.Australia 39.Turkey 40.Russia 41.Turkey 42.Brazil 43.India 44.Russia 45.China 46.Malaysia 47.Malaysia 48.Malaysia 49.Singapore 50.Russia 51.South Korea 52.China […]

More data on temperate and tropical grassland temperatures, national grasslands, national temperatures

The National Grasslands Research Group (NGRG) is pleased to announce the release of the first-ever National Grassland Temperature (NGT) map, produced using an open data-sharing platform called MapQuest.The new map, developed by the NGRG and published in its Global Grassland Project Report, shows the average temperature of temperate, tropical, and mixed grassland grasslands across the […]

How to name the mid-latitude grassland grasslands

In the Northern Alps, the landscape can be divided into two distinct categories: the northern and southern ones.The northern grasslands are usually found in the Alps and are dominated by the Alps-like ridges, and are characterized by the high elevation of the surrounding ground.The southern grasslands consist of the mountains and the valleys that run […]


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