Alberta’s worst drought in 30 years: Water shortages and the death of Alberta’s climate

The water crisis in Alberta is set to deepen with an expected surge in rainfall, with the province facing the possibility of a total dry spell until the end of the year.With no rain, the drought is likely to last another week or so, and then the water level in reservoirs could dip to dangerously […]

A new species of grassland lizard found in Queensland

Queensland has discovered a new species, one that’s been nicknamed “Temperate Grassland Lizard”.The species was discovered by Dr Ian Cairns in an old quarry in the town of Londonderry, on the border with New South Wales.“This is a beautiful specimen of the species that I had not seen before,” he said.“It’s got very short antennae, […]

Which is better for grasslands and which is better to graze cattle in India?

Listed below are the top 10 reasons for why you should consider purchasing grasslands products, or grazing cattle in grasslands, over livestock in India.1.Improved Quality and Safety.India is a major contributor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the vast majority of these emissions are from animal husbandry.While India has a high per capita CO […]


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