When the drought hits: Kroger’s Kroger Grasslands drawing a crowd with its grasslands

A lot of people have been wondering when the Kroger grasslands will draw a crowd to the store.The store in Colorado Springs has been drawing crowds in recent weeks.The crowds have drawn a lot of attention.And it’s a big deal.“We’re not doing a lot with it.It’s a very rare event.There’s a lot going on.It is […]

New research shows the importance of grassland for wildlife

The importance of the grassland ecosystem is growing.And it is the subject of a new study led by the University of New South Wales.The study is the first to examine the links between grassland biodiversity and wildlife populations.The research was carried out in Australia’s wetland belt.The team, led by Dr Nick Smith from the Department […]

UK and US scientists have ‘confirmed’ a grassland ‘dead zone’ at the world’s most remote Antarctic research station

The United Kingdom and US have confirmed that a “dead zone” has been formed in the Antarctic grasslands on the continent’s northern tip.It is the largest known dead zone on the planet, and scientists have said that a large part of the landmass is covered in the sedimentary layer that has been deposited by the […]