The Latest: A new ‘toxic’ soil, new crop, and a ‘disease’

The toxic soil is a new term that has emerged in recent years and is being used to describe the conditions that the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it.The new term is used to refer to a particular set of conditions that can cause serious illness in grassland camels, and it is becoming increasingly common in […]

The first major poll on a $5 million flood relief fund for farmers

Farmers and ranchers have asked the National Flood Insurance Program to begin distributing flood insurance payments to the first of its $5 billion flood relief funds, the National Farmers Union said Tuesday.The $5.8 billion, five-year flood-insurance program will be funded by a 2.2 percent levy on farmers and rancher households with a farm income between […]

How the grasslands of Australia are changing and you need to know

With the first ever Australian grassland exhibition opening this week, the grassland is taking on a new importance.But how does it affect us?The grasslands have changed in Australia over the past century.In many ways they’ve become more vibrant.In some places they’ve been transformed by urbanisation, but in others they’ve also provided us with a vast […]