What is the American Grasslands Project?

It’s easy to be excited about the prospect of millions of acres of new grasslands for our country.It’s also easy to miss the fact that the United States has not only lost the grasslands to deforestation, but is also rapidly losing the grassland to invasive species and the use of pesticides.This is a problem that […]

Which grassland species will thrive in the new ‘flat grasslands’ project?

The grasslands biome is an ideal environment for a variety of species of grassland animals, and a major area of the Great Barrier Reef.It includes many of the species that would be best suited to living in the flatlands, including marsupials, marsupial marsupi, ground sloths, woodlands ferns, and some other species that inhabit the lower […]

How to design a new species of grassland in Brazil

The world’s first grassland biome, created by Brazilian scientists, is being considered for development by Brazil’s government.The project, called the Pampas Grassland Project, is expected to cost a total of R$10.4 billion ($9.5 billion) and be the largest biorefinery in the world, the Brazilian Institute of Science said on Thursday.It’s the first time a biorefill […]

How to restore the natural world’s greatest biodiversity

The National Grassland Biome Project (NGBP) is a multi-year project that will improve the productivity of the Great Plains’ natural ecosystems, and help restore grasslands and wetlands.The project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will bring together scientists and private citizens to develop a model to restore grassland habitats and habitats for wildlife, restore ecosystems, […]

When is the last time you ate grassland tortoises?

You’ll probably never eat grassland animals again if you don’t have access to fresh water.In 2016, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released its most recent annual report on water quality, showing that water quality in parts of the country had deteriorated dramatically over the last 10 years, especially in the Gulf Coast, the Great […]

Australia’s biggest wetland area could lose more than 40% of its rainfall by 2040

Australia’s grassland areas could lose as much as 40% more rainfall over the next 20 years because of climate change, according to a report.The Australian National University’s report, published on Monday, found that Australia’s drylands would be “vulnerable” to drought if global warming continued.“We believe that a combination of changing climate and changing vegetation patterns […]

How to plant grassland in a national forest

National Forests are an integral part of the world’s biodiversity, with their forests serving as an ecosystem that provides vital habitat for millions of animals, plants, and microbes.The United States alone holds more than 20 million acres of national forests, and as of 2015, there were more than 13 million acres in use by people […]


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