Why we need a new science-based strategy for COVID-19: ‘A good-enough science-informed policy is going to get us there’

The National Institutes of Health announced it will spend $20 million to fund the study to study the risk of a pandemic that has sickened at least 10 million people across the United States.The study, which was announced on Monday, will examine the possibility of a second pandemic, or pandemic-related coronavirus, as well as the […]

Grassland Shelter Is a Game-Changer for the Future of Wildlife Protection

The landscape of the world’s grasslands has been changing in a number of ways over the past few decades.Over the last century, the global grasslands population has doubled, and more than half of all grassland habitat worldwide has been lost to development.While this is still happening, grassland habitats are increasingly under threat from human activity […]

How to make a grassland biome plant

It’s not hard to imagine that a grasslands biome plant would be an ideal food source for the woodland creature.Grasslands biome plants grow in areas that are often dry, or have shallow water.If the plants can’t reach those deep waters, they can grow in other places, but it can be tricky to find the right […]