How to get more rain in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s first-ever rain-fed pastureland farm is getting another chance at making more grassland land available to people.The Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources has applied to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to sell off land in the region of Oklahoma City that was once a grassland.The application was filed Thursday, and it is still under review.“There […]

The Best Way to Celebrate the Colorado Grasslands Road Plate

The Colorado Grassland Road Plate is the national emblem of the country.It is the largest plate in the United States, weighing nearly 7,000 pounds and standing roughly 3 feet tall.But it is also the most complex plate ever designed, and it requires an enormous amount of skill to make.In order to complete it, a team […]

Why are there no big grasslands on the Australian continent?

There are no big plains or grasslands in Australia.But that doesn’t mean there aren’t huge grasslands around.There are more than 600,000 square kilometres of Australia’s vast grasslands, which are spread across much of the country, including parts of Victoria and Queensland.That is the equivalent of the size of New South Wales and South Australia combined.But […]

When Bears Run: Bears in the Buffalo

The last time a major urban area in North America had a population of bison was the plains of western North Dakota in the 1800s.A few years later, with the arrival of settlers, that number soared.But when the buffalo vanished, the population went from one in the Dakotas to hundreds.Bears are the last living species […]

The World’s First Grassland in the Sahara Desert is a ‘Living, Breathing’ Land

The Sahara Desert’s grassland has never been this green before.The Sahara has always been one of the world’s most biodiverse places.Now, the region has an annual grassland bloom of some 1.5 million hectares (3.3 million acres), and that’s on the upswing, according to the World Conservation Union (WCI).But while the region’s grasslands are thriving, it’s […]


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