How the Indian forest works

The first thing you might notice is the massive, sprawling, evergreen grassland that forms in the middle of the prairie.As the name suggests, this grassland is the “indian forest.”It covers the vast area of India between the Himalayas and Tibet.As it happens, this is the place where the ancestors of the modern-day Bantu people came […]

The country’s first grasslands park opens for the summer in Cimarron

Cimarrons country park opened its doors to the public on Saturday as the world celebrated the beginning of summer in Singapore.The grasslands of Singapore, which are home to about 7 million people, are home for millions of birds and mammals, including the country’s iconic civet.The park, which will be open from June to September, will […]

Cimarron Grasslands Will See Huge Increases as Climate Change Increases Deforestation

A new report from the US Geological Survey shows that cimarrons grasslands in northern California will see massive increases in precipitation as climate change increases the amount of rainfall that is available for planting.The report was released on Monday.Cimarrons are grasslands that are commonly used for shade.The researchers said that the grasslands have already seen […]