Why are grasslands so much more productive than forests?

By the mid-20th century, scientists had been studying grasslands as a possible future for farming and urbanization in the United States.The concept of grasslands was first developed in the early 1900s by the British scientist John Bates Clark and was later adopted by scientists around the world.The name grassland came from the Greek word for […]

When the prairie grasslands were cleared for pasture and urban development, they were transformed into natural grasslands.

By the time the first settlers settled in the 1800s, there were already vast prairie expanses of grassland in the United States.Prairie grasslands are the largest natural wetlands in the world.They are so large that, to some extent, they are the opposite of grasslands: They are more dense and cover larger areas than grasslands, which […]

Which plants are most affected by the California drought?

The drought has already claimed more than 5 million acres of cropland and led to the loss of more than 4 million acres worth of native grassland.Some experts say that number could rise.The California Department of Water Resources estimates that drought-related damage to the state’s natural resources has already exceeded $300 billion.The state has spent […]