How to make an Illinois grassland biome: Landscape Design

A few months ago, I was browsing through my local library for some of the earliest photos of Illinois grasslands.The pictures were not all that flattering: The vast majority of the landscape was covered in thick, dense, white, mostly dead woodland that had long since been cleared.I was also reminded of a quote from my […]

How to make grassland grassland abiotics

article As a grassland farmer, it’s my job to protect the soil and make sure that the land is not left to erosion.It’s my responsibility to be a good stewards of the land, to do my part to protect it from erosion, and to make sure I’m using the best plantings available.But if my land […]

How to get more rain in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s first-ever rain-fed pastureland farm is getting another chance at making more grassland land available to people.The Oklahoma Department of Natural Resources has applied to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to sell off land in the region of Oklahoma City that was once a grassland.The application was filed Thursday, and it is still under review.“There […]

Montane grassland biodiversity hotspots to increase, experts warn

A major study has revealed a significant increase in biodiversity hotspot areas in the savanna grasslands biome of the western savanna.The study, which has been published in the journal Scientific Reports, also revealed that the area has increased in volume in the past two decades.In a statement, Professor David T. Smith from the University of […]

How to build a grassland biodiverse ecosystem in your home

A lot of people ask me what I think about grasslands.Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread?I think it is a great thing.There are a lot of things that are wonderful about grasses.But what are they doing to our environment?And I think there are a bunch of reasons why grasslands are so wonderful, but […]

Why I’m a fan of the LA Lions

The LA Lions may be a new team, but they’ve already been given the blessing of LA’s newest grassland district.LA’s largest park, L.A. Park, has just been given a $20 million renovation, which will make it the first of its kind in the United States.The L.E.D.D., which is known for providing access to the park […]

The first year I was a salted fat man

A little over a year ago, I was invited to be the first salted coconut butter producer in India.The company, Grassland Salted Butter, has been making coconut butter in Bengaluru for more than 10 years.Its founder and co-founder S.N. Ramachandran has a PhD in chemical engineering and a background in nanotechnology, where he developed a […]

How to grow grasslands without chemicals

In the wild, the comanche grassland biome is dominated by native plants and animals, including the long-tailed grass, which grows up to six feet tall and is considered an invasive species.But scientists say the comanches are changing that, by adding microorganisms, fungi, and other microorganisms that can grow on the soil surface and take up […]

When it comes to the environment, there’s not much we can do to stop the damage of carbon pollution

When it came to tackling climate change, we can only take the first step.That’s why we have to take the bold step to end the use of fossil fuels, we must limit the damage to the planet and to ourselves, according to a new report from the World Resources Institute.The report, titled Carbon, Carbon: What […]

What to know about grasslands National Park’s Savanna Grasslands plant diversity

By Sarah McBride-SmithUSA TODAYMore photos and information on the Savanna grasslands plant community can be found on the USGS Savanna Plants, Trees, and Trees and the Savannas Nature and Conservation Program.About the Savanne GrasslandsPlant Diversity ProgramThe USGS has created an extensive landscape database that catalogs all of the plants that have been identified in the […]


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