The U.S. Forest Service is working to create a new way to manage and manage cold-grassland forests.

It’s called “a new system for managing grassland,” according to a news release.

It is a way to ensure that natural systems that protect people and wildlife, such as trees and wildlife habitat, can continue to thrive, without the need for invasive species control.

The Forest Service’s new system includes two elements, according to the release: the addition of a new “natural vegetation” management tool, called a “grassland management plan,” and a new method for determining the best use of land for grassland.

Under the new system, the Forest Service will use the same criteria for assessing the best uses of land as they use for assessing natural vegetation, including the number of mature trees, grassland habitat and natural vegetation that will be removed, the type of management used and how much the land will be conserved.

The new system will be implemented in the Forest Management Plan that will go into effect in 2020, the release states.

“By implementing a new management system, we can better manage the carbon, water and other environmental resources in our grasslands, and will save taxpayers millions of dollars in land management costs,” said Dan Schoenfeld, a former Forest Service superintendent and director of the Environmental Resources and Technology Program at the National Academies.

“We are creating a new system that will make it easier for all of us to conserve our natural resources.”

Forest Service Commissioner Dave Hartman said in a statement the new method of assessing the potential use of grassland for management is “a step in the right direction for restoring grassland to its natural state.”

It is not the first time that the Forest Services has used a new vegetation management tool to assess the potential for grasslands to be managed in a more efficient way.

In 2012, the agency used a tool called “green management,” which evaluated the best management methods for managing the grassland of a particular area and the environmental benefits of a specific management method, according a news story at the time.

“The Forest service is committed to helping landowners and businesses to maximize the return on their conservation efforts through better management of grasslands,” the release stated.

“The new method will help us to achieve that goal.”

The Forest Services will use its new tool to “assess how much grassland the agency would like to preserve and to identify areas where appropriate to remove invasive species,” the news release stated, noting that this approach “will be more cost-effective and sustainable than the current approach.”

The release did not specify how much of the Forest System’s $9.2 billion in annual forest revenue would go toward the new vegetation tool.

The Forest Service also did not respond to questions about how much its system would cost to implement.


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