The scorching heat in the Midwest is heating up our lawns and is making it even more important to protect them.

A study by scientists at the University of Iowa’s Center for Urban Environmental Research found that the average amount of time that grass grew in the lawns of farmers in the Great Plains and Midwest during the summer of 2017 increased by nearly 20 minutes per day.

In the Great Lakes and Atlantic, it increased by about a third.

The scientists analyzed weather data from the National Weather Service and conducted a statistical analysis that determined the average daily temperature during the summers of 2017 and 2018 for the Great Lake, Great Plains, and Mid-Atlantic.

They also looked at average daytime temperature during summer months in the entire Great Plains.

While the average temperature increase during the study period was significant, the researchers found that it was only a small percentage of the total temperature.

The data collected during the analysis revealed that the amount of sunlight falling on the ground decreased significantly over the summer.

The scientists found that a large portion of the amount that the grass grew during the entire study period fell on the surface of the ground.

That means that the ground is a much more efficient absorber of heat than grass growing on the top of the grass.

The study found that grasses can grow in areas with lower rainfall and more extreme heat in some locations.

In the study, the scientists compared temperatures during the warmer and drier summer months to temperatures during other times of the year.

They determined that the increase in grass growth in summer is due to higher temperatures in summer and cooler temperatures in winter.

This could be due to more intense storms in the summer, such as a tropical storm.

Other factors could include a drought in the spring, which makes the grass grow faster.

This summer was the hottest on record, according to the University at Buffalo, and this could have had a huge impact on the environment.

In fact, they found that warmer temperatures caused more soil to be exposed to water, which can increase water infiltration rates and lead to more moisture loss.

It could also be that the summer air was cooler and dryer.

The air temperatures in the summers could also cause erosion and erosion of vegetation, which could have an impact on plants, according the researchers.

This research is just one of many that scientists are looking at.

Other researchers are also looking at how the weather affects plants, and the effects of climate change.

Scientists from Iowa and the University College London are currently conducting studies that are looking into how climate change will affect the amount and types of grasses and trees that will be growing in the soil over the next few decades.


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