Mayor will make decision to leave Jerusalem in early March after meeting with his security cabinet and a special committee to decide whether to stay in the city, sources told The Jerusalem Mail.

Mayor will meet with security cabinet in early spring.

The decision to relocate to Jerusalem is not an easy one for the Jerusalem Municipality.

According to the municipality’s annual report, there are 4,500 people in the capital who are either residents or visitors from abroad.

The Jerusalem District Council will be the largest city council in Israel, with more than 300,000 residents.

The Jerusalem municipality is also the home to the Israeli military’s Haifa Headquarters and its headquarters for the Civil Administration and the Police.

In addition to the Jerusalem municipality, there is also a number of smaller settlements that are located in the Old City.

The new mayor, Sherwin Williams, is an Arab who grew up in the Arab neighborhood of Har Homa, according to The Jerusalem Times.

He is the first Palestinian mayor of the Palestinian city, and has been elected by a popular vote to be the new head of the municipality.

He will have the power to make decisions on municipal matters such as zoning, construction of roads and the construction of new buildings.

The Palestinian Authority is not expected to make any changes to the city’s zoning code or plans.


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