The biggest conservation threat to the world’s grassland biodiversity

Biodiversity is the lifeblood of our planet and its ecosystems.

But as the planet’s grasslands and forests are disappearing, they are also becoming less accessible for human use.

Here are five signs that the planet is on the brink of a biodiversity crisis.1.

Land-use changes are leading to a rapid increase in biodiversity loss.

While grassland and forest species may be disappearing due to humans, they also face rapid changes to their landscape and habitats.

The most dramatic impacts have come in the last two decades, when humans have turned landscapes and habitats to agricultural and urban centers.

While we are losing land to cities and suburban development, we are also increasing our land use in places that used to be grasslands or forests.

This has the potential to destroy biodiversity, but the extent of that destruction is still largely unknown.2.

As human populations continue to increase, land-use change is pushing the planet toward ever-greater biodiversity loss due to overgrazing and fragmentation.

This is occurring as the world faces a shrinking population.

Globally, population growth is now faster than the global rate of change, and land-cover is projected to shrink by more than half in the next 50 years.

In places where vegetation is already declining, this could lead to a loss of biodiversity.3.

Land degradation has also contributed to a decline in biodiversity.

For example, the land-loss in tropical and subtropical forests is expected to double by 2050.

This means that habitat is losing its value, and wildlife populations are being depleted by overgrows, fences, and roads.4.

Human populations are also driving a rapid loss of habitat.

For instance, in the U.S., humans have driven an estimated 2.4 million acres (9.4 hectares) of forest land into the past 30 years.

As land is increasingly taken over by urban and suburban growth, the planet may be entering a biodiversity tipping point.5.

Climate change is exacerbating the problem.

The amount of land that has been cleared for agriculture and urbanization is rising rapidly, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

This includes land that used by plant and animal species that were once common in the world.

In many parts of the world, people are also removing the vegetation that once supported wildlife.

This will lead to habitat loss, with species like the white-tailed deer and African forest ant disappearing from the landscape.

In a recent paper, the authors of the study concluded that, “We estimate that over the next few decades, more than 10 percent of the remaining land in the tropics and subtides will become degraded due to human activities and climate change.”

If we continue to burn fossil fuels at this rate, the world will face an ecological tipping point, which could ultimately lead to mass extinctions of species.6.

The consequences of climate change are already being felt.

The world’s top scientists have warned that the consequences of the global warming that is causing extreme weather events, drought, floods, and other disasters could be felt across much of the planet.

In a recent report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that, by 2100, more extreme weather will occur in the United States, Europe, and Asia than in the rest of the globe.7.

The effects of climate disruption are already affecting our species.

The extinction of large species such as elephants, rhinos, and tigers in the past few decades has already led to an extinction of some species, including many of the largest and most endangered species in the wild.

As our species’ habitat shrinks, the chances of the extinction of the species that are most closely related to us increases.8.

The destruction of biodiversity is also affecting our own health.

According to a report from the National Academy of Sciences, “climate change threatens to change the way we eat, drink, and interact with the environment.”

As the planet warms, we may experience increased food insecurity and the need to make changes to our diets to stay healthy.

For many of us, this will mean moving from eating traditional foods such as meat and dairy products to a more healthful and sustainable diet.9.

The threat of climate and climate disruption is growing.

The impacts of climate on the planet are already occurring, and they are expected to grow exponentially.

The Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Action recently published a report, which found that, due to climate change, extreme weather could become “a regular occurrence” across the globe by 2035.

It is expected that by 2050, extreme events such as droughts, heat waves, and wildfires will be commonplace across the world and that people will be forced to adapt to a changing environment.10.

The biggest threat to our species comes from the rapid loss and degradation of biodiversity across the planet, and the fact that this loss is happening without human intervention.

As the world ages, biodiversity will be increasingly fragmented into fewer and fewer parts.

This fragmentation is increasing the chance of species extinction, which can have devastating consequences


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