As the world’s grasslands are being lost and the planet’s biodiversity is being diminished, a federal study published this week is asking Americans to consider how they can help preserve and protect the planet.

The study, which was released Monday by the National Grasslands Institute (NGI), asked Americans to take a step back and think about the impacts of a “global extinction” on the grasslands of their states.

The report finds that as many as two-thirds of all grasslands in the United States are at risk of disappearing by 2050 due to human activities.

While many of these grasslands have already been lost, the report found that nearly half of the species that survive are under threat.

The NGI says the grassland loss in the U.S. is unprecedented, with more than half of all the country’s grassland now being threatened.

The grasslands that will be most affected by global extinction are grasses like dandelions, cacti, cedar, beeches, and wildflowers, the NGI said in a statement.

While there are many species that can be harvested and consumed in the field, the study found that most of these species are being eliminated by industrial farming.

The loss of biodiversity and the resulting degradation of the planet has dire consequences for both humans and the environment, the authors wrote.

The findings come on the heels of a study released last year by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which found that the extinction of the grasses and plants that are native to grasslands around the world has already resulted in the loss of more than 60 percent of the plants and animals that live on the planet, the Associated Press reported.

While this may sound like a problem, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, or FAO, has called for a global conservation effort to protect the grass and plants.

“There is no question that grasslands will continue to be the most important food source for billions of people,” FAO Director General Irina Bokova said at the time.

“But they must also be protected, because the global situation is now threatening the existence of grasslands.”

The report by the NGVI and the Uppsala University, along with others in the fields of ecology and management, argues that a strong grassland system is critical to the survival of our planet.

While the grass is one of the worlds most important ecosystems, it is also one of its most critical.

While it is important to have a strong system of grassland, the threat to grassland habitat is increasing.

The researchers analyzed the current state of the landscape and assessed the impacts on both grasslands and native species.

The results showed that a number of factors can affect the success of the global grasslands system.

The U.N. report found grassland areas are shrinking at an alarming rate, and some of the factors are the following:The loss in grasslands, the loss in plants, the decline in biodiversity, and the loss or degradation of native species are all increasing.

This is especially true for grasslands where native species have declined significantly, as grasslands become too fragmented and fragmented, with little forage, for water and other resources, and too small for livestock and grazing animals.

The authors also found that some of these factors, like the loss and fragmentation of native vegetation and water sources, have negative impacts on the health of the ecosystem.

The research is a first step toward the creation of a grasslands protection plan for the U,S.

that can help protect the global ecosystem from global extinction.


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