Lizzi McGuire, who’s best known for her roles in the HBO series “The Wire,” has just released her book, Bigger than the Rest: The Biggest Books, Biger than the World, Big, and Most Expensive Films Ever, which includes a number of personal favorites.

She said the book was inspired by her experiences as a photographer and a mother, both of which shaped her love of film.

McGuire described the book as “a collection of films that have taken me from my bedroom to the beach.”

She added, “They are not necessarily films that you see on the big screen, but the movies that are meant to be experienced and understood.”

One of the titles she’s featured is a “classic,” the “Black-Eyed Peas” of 1971.

The film is said to have been the first to feature a black cast and the first American film to be shot on location.

It’s also a film that McGuire says “has become a central piece of my life, not just as a filmmaker but as a mother.”

McGuire said that she wanted to explore the subject of race in her work.

“When I think about race, I think of the experiences I’ve had as a Black mother,” she said.

“The Black woman as a child is the most invisible.

But I was raised in a Black community and I grew up in a White neighborhood, so I’ve always been able to access this part of my culture.

I’ve been able, even in my work, to be able to look at how other people see us and how other communities see us.”

McGuir also described her book as an autobiographical piece, which she said was inspired after meeting and becoming friends with her sister-in-law, Meryl Streep, a member of the “Barry Lyndon” cast.

“Meryl was a young Black woman who was very passionate about being a part of the Black community,” she told The Huffington, “so it’s really important for her to be a part and I really think that was the inspiration for the book.”

McGuier also said she was inspired to write the book after her daughter, Lizza, asked her to do a tribute to her.

“I was so honored to be asked to do something that I’ve never done before, and it was so much fun and so different and so inspiring and I’m grateful to have done it,” she shared.

“It was a huge moment for me and for the whole family.

And to have that opportunity to share that with people, it was really amazing.

McGuires book, “Bigger than The Rest,” will be released on February 17, 2018. “

She just wanted me to be an inspiration to other people and to myself, and I just wanted to do it and I couldn’t help but to share my story.”

McGuires book, “Bigger than The Rest,” will be released on February 17, 2018.

For more information, visit the book’s official website.


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