The green grassland species that make up California’s desert landscape are not likely to be as well adapted to the changing climate of the region as they are to the rest of the country.

The green grasslands in California are generally considered to be more productive and productive in many ways, but that doesn’t mean they are more likely to survive the effects of climate change, said the report by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The report said that the green grass species found in the state’s deserts are more susceptible to drought, rising temperatures and changes in soil composition than their native grassland counterparts.

It also said that, although green grasses have been found in most areas of the United States, they are rare in California.

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources is also the lead agency for the state of California, which manages millions of acres of the state desert.

The California desert is located in the Mojave Desert and spans nearly 2 million acres.

The desert contains some of the driest, most arid areas in the country, and has a very high percentage of desert tortoises.

The species of desert grassland found in California is often referred to as “dry grassland,” or “desert grass.”

It is a grass that is more prone to drought and heat stress.

It is also a grass species that has a lower density of vegetation than other grasses and has the ability to withstand higher temperatures.

Dry grassland is generally the more fertile type of grass.

The type of dry grass in California can be found in both the desert and in the mountains, according to the report.

The report said the drought and high temperatures have led to an increase in the number of dry, green grass.

The authors of the report said, however, that the climate in the desert can be different than that in the hills and in California, making the grassland type in the western U.S. more suitable for the species that are more vulnerable to drought.

This type of drought can have a major impact on the vegetation, as well as on the animal species that live there, the report noted.

The desert grasslands are known to have a variety of habitats, including deserts, grasslands, riparian areas, grassland parks and meadows.

They are also commonly found in many of the other states, including Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah.

The scientists also found that the number and diversity of desert and green grass vegetation varies across the state.

The researchers found that, in the west, the desert grasses are the most common in the eastern Sierra Nevada.

They also found desert grass species in the Sierra Nevada and the Colorado Plateau, and green desert grass in the Great Basin.

The drought is most severe in the northern portion of the Great Plains, where the grasses tend to grow more vigorously, the researchers found.

In the central part of the states, the drought is strongest in the Central Plains, the region that includes the Great Lakes and Kansas.

The study found that in contrast, the northern and southern portions of the deserts are also less likely to experience drought.

The dry grassland in California has the highest density of grass species.

In other words, there are more green grassy species, and fewer desert grassy ones, than anywhere else in the U.s., the report stated.

It is also possible that the desert vegetation is different in the central U.


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