This article is part of a series on building the grassland, a landscape in which the water moves from one side to the other and the soil mixes with it.

I was looking for an easy way to build this kind of landscape.

So I started with the easiest terrain, the ground.

There are lots of ways to build the grasslands.

This is a flat area with a slope of about a foot and a few vertical layers, and I built my first one with an old tree trunk.

My first step was to build out a base.

It has a shallow depression, a flat floor and a sloping bottom.

When you build a structure out of a foundation, you are trying to do two things: create a foundation for the structure that will support the weight of the structure, and support the structure from the ground to be supported.

So I added a piece of tree bark, and it was a solid structure, sturdy enough to hold up against the soil and rocks and the elements.

Next, I added some mud.

The mud that I used was the same as you might use in a garden.

Here is a look at the mud that was added.

A little mud adds a little depth and some stability.

In this case, the mud adds strength and stability.

I put some gravel in the hole, but I also added some sand to make the mud softer and more stable.

For the bottom of the base, I started by sanding down the edges and then sanding the entire bottom to make it more level.

Then I used a large piece of cardboard to make a base and to attach the top.

Now, I can see what is going on underneath.

The base is very simple, with two flat strips of cardboard that go along the edges of the bottom, and two more flat strips that go from the top of the cardboard to the bottom.

The top of each strip is the top, and the bottom is the bottom that is below.

And now we are going to start building the foundation.

Building the foundation was easy.

First I cut a piece from the base.

I also drilled a hole for a hose, and this will be where I spray water on the base to keep the soil moving.

At this point, the soil is not moving, so I need to build up some sand and gravel.

On the bottom side of the clay base, there are a few pieces of wood.

They are glued together with the clay.

To attach the wood to the base and then to the soil, I use a piece that is just big enough to slide on the clay and to be pushed on the soil.

These are the joints between the wood and the clay, which is important to make sure that the clay will be strong enough to support the base while also holding the soil in place.

Before I attach the wooden pieces, I sand the edges down to make them a little bit softer.

That’s how I attach this piece of wood to a base, which has a slope to it, and also the wood is sticking out.

After sanding, the wood was placed into the hole.

Using my nails, I drilled a few holes in the clay to create a hole.


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