A major study has revealed a significant increase in biodiversity hotspot areas in the savanna grasslands biome of the western savanna.

The study, which has been published in the journal Scientific Reports, also revealed that the area has increased in volume in the past two decades.

In a statement, Professor David T. Smith from the University of Tasmania said the study “provides a compelling case for increased biodiversity in savanna and montane ecosystems”.

“Our study provides an excellent foundation for future research, as the landscape has been extensively assessed for the presence of biodiversity hotsprings and is likely to continue to change,” he said.

“Biodiversity hotspot boundaries have been established for the Western savanna (WSA), including the boundaries of the WSA-wide hotspot area and a subset of hotspot locations in the montane biome.”

The WSA encompasses the grasslands of the Western Australian montane.

The area of the West Australian montanary which has increased by almost 70 per cent in the last 40 years has an area of about 1.2 million hectares, the majority of which is grassland.

“The study found that the amount of biodiversity in these areas has increased about 70 per on the last 10 years, from about 3.5 million hectares in 2004 to about 9.4 million hectares today.

This area of grassland covers an area roughly the size of Tasmania, and covers the western coast of Western Australia.

The number of hotspots has increased from 1.8 million hectares to 7.5 billion hectares.”

This represents an increase of about 700 per cent over the last two decades,” Dr Smith said.

He said the changes in hotspot numbers over time were “significantly correlated with changes in the population of the species in the region”.”

The hotspot population is probably a good proxy for the species’ survival and quality of life.

“Dr Smith said that it was important to remember that biodiversity hotspe boundaries are set at a certain time, so this was a “very long time” before the WGAW was established.”

There is a lot of uncertainty around the long term effects of this change,” Dr Williams said.

The Australian Parks and Wildlife Service said in a statement that the study did not necessarily mean that a particular hotspot was a hotspot.”

While there is an increasing diversity of the grassland in the Western Australia region, the extent of the hotspot changes over time as the region is exposed to increased rainfall and human activities,” the statement said.

It said that the WPAW was a collaborative project of the Australian Parks Service, the WA Parks and Wilderness Association and the University, and that the areas studied were “not representative of the whole of the region or the region as a whole”.

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