When it came to tackling climate change, we can only take the first step.

That’s why we have to take the bold step to end the use of fossil fuels, we must limit the damage to the planet and to ourselves, according to a new report from the World Resources Institute.

The report, titled Carbon, Carbon: What We Can and Can’t Do to Prevent Climate Change, outlines a range of ways we can change the way we live.

While we have all seen the devastation caused by carbon pollution, this report looks at what we can and can’t do to help limit it.

“There is no silver bullet,” says Ian Stirling, senior campaigner at WWF-Canada.

“We can’t simply say ‘don’t do it’.

We have to use our best efforts to tackle it.”

WWF-CA executive director David Suzuki says the report shows there’s more to the carbon debate than just banning the use, transport, and storage of carbon-intensive fuels.

“If we don’t have the resources to combat climate change now, we’re not going to be able to do it later.

And when we have the capacity to do that, we have a much better chance of mitigating the climate impacts,” he says.

The world needs to put more emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, not just stopping the use.

“Climate change is a problem of the future,” says Suzuki.

“The sooner we can get to a situation where we have more resilience to climate change and more resilient to adaptation, the better off we are going to all be.

And that is where we are right now.”

The report calls on governments to: * Reduce emissions through policies like carbon taxes, subsidies and tax breaks, as well as by setting targets to reduce emissions.

* Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a carbon tax and a cap-and-trade system.

* Invest in clean technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

This includes using renewable energy and efficiency measures like green roofs.

* Encourage businesses to invest in green technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and biofuels.

* Support research into renewable energy sources.

* Focus on reducing CO2 and the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

* Establish a carbon price that will be enforced by price and availability of CO 2 emissions.

As it stands, the report recommends Canada implement a cap and trade system and a carbon pricing system, but not a price on carbon.

It recommends a price of $30 per tonne of carbon dioxide, but doesn’t recommend a carbon market or pricing.

In addition, it recommends Canada take a carbon offset approach and provide financial assistance for businesses and communities that reduce CO 2 production.

WWF-CAN’s Green Energy and Clean Energy Coordinator, Robyn Hickey, says it’s not just the fossil fuel industry that is facing a crisis of carbon emissions.

“In the last decade we have seen massive increases in renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, which are displacing fossil fuel generation and we have been seeing huge increases in wind and other low-carbon technologies such as hydro, solar and wave,” she says.

“So these industries are facing a very big problem.”

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers have both signed on to the report.

“As we begin to look at what it takes to reduce the carbon footprint of our energy system, the carbon price and the carbon offset model that is being proposed by the Government of Canada is an important step in addressing this challenge,” says Brett LeBlanc, President of the Canadian Council.

“It’s clear that we have got to get back to the work of addressing climate change by cutting emissions, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reducing carbon pollution from the energy sector.”

With these steps in place, we are on track to meet our 2020 emission reduction targets,” LeBlan says.


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