The grasslands biome is an ideal environment for a variety of species of grassland animals, and a major area of the Great Barrier Reef.

It includes many of the species that would be best suited to living in the flatlands, including marsupials, marsupial marsupi, ground sloths, woodlands ferns, and some other species that inhabit the lower parts of the Reef.

While this new biome project aims to address these species, we’ve also included a wide range of species that are already endemic in Australia and are commonly found in Australia’s grasslands.

These include birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and plants.

The plan also includes several species that live in the lower elevations of the continent and could benefit from some kind of ecosystem restoration.

For example, there are large numbers of species in the southern Great Barrier reef that are threatened with extinction, such as the large blue-eyed frog.

However, the species can be re-established as they adapt to new habitats.

For a variety or species that can live in these new habitats, there will also be some benefits.

For instance, the plan aims to restore areas of the southern reef to a more suitable grassland biome.

We’ve included a number of species species that might be suitable for this type of restoration in the next update to this blog post.

The next update will provide a more detailed look at these and other species of the Australian grasslands biomes.


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