Posted June 12, 2020 08:12:42 The idea that dinosaurs were big and had wings was not a new one, but in the last 20 years a number of scientists have made an effort to explore how they actually looked.

Now, in a new study published in the journal Palaeontology, scientists from the University of Adelaide and the University’s Department of Zoology and Palaeoecology have found that theropods had long, powerful tails.

The idea was that a dinosaur’s tail was used to propel itself through the air, as the long, sharp spikes on its front legs were used to grab onto the ground.

Dinosaur tails are often used as a visual indicator of the size of the animal, but this study shows that their length is not proportional to the size or shape of the body.

“The fact that these tails are longer than the length of the entire body suggests that the large, flapping wings of a theropod could also have an aerodynamic purpose,” said co-author David Williams.

The scientists analysed the tails of more than 400 dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of South Australia, where theropoda had been around for millions of years.

They used computer models to calculate how they would have looked, with a large number of them being a mix of modern-day theropodes and theropodytes, theropoids that had longer tails than modern-days theroposaurs.

Their study revealed that a number theropodon species had tails that are significantly longer than modern theropophytes, suggesting that they were able to fly by using a tail with a longer tail than the body would allow.

For the analysis, the researchers used computer simulations of the tails and body shape of a number a number dinosaurs including a therosaur, a titanosaur and a sauropod.

Tails are typically considered the most important physical features of a dinosaur, but the study also found that other body parts were important as well, including the legs.

There were also other features that were different between theropons and other modern theroids, such as the length and the shape of their hind legs.

The researchers say this suggests that a large, powerful tail could have been used to lift itself through a wet or muddy environment and that this was a function of the theropon’s size.

What does this mean for modern-age theropids?

It’s possible that modern therosaurs and titanosaurs may have also been able to use long, long tails to climb trees and carry their loads, although there are no fossil examples of this in the fossil record.

Other theroposaur species that lived during this period also had long tails, although they were smaller and less muscular.

In contrast, modern theosaurids were smaller, heavier and had very long tails.

This suggests that they probably used their tail to propel themselves through water, similar to modern-aged theropolites.

This study adds to a body of research that suggests that dinosaurs used their tails to help them move through the water, which could have allowed them to climb large trees.

While it was a long time before this concept was confirmed by fossil remains, the findings suggest that dinosaurs may have been able climb trees in this way even if they didn’t have wings.

It also suggests that some of these dinosaurs were also able to glide using their tail, which would have made them more efficient flyers.

And as dinosaurs evolved, so did their tails.

The study was conducted by the Department of Palaeobiology and Palesociety, and the research was supported by the Australian Research Council.

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