A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry finds that the grassland is an ideal place for the survival of certain species of animal.

The study found that the number of grassland grassland mammals and bison were more than 10 times higher than the numbers of other species.

“In general, grassland species are more resilient to the effects of climate change and other stresses than other types of land use,” lead author Robert S. Burchill said in a press release.

Bunchill’s research team used the latest census data to calculate the relative abundance of certain grassland animal species and their relative abundance in the U.S. According to the study, the amount of grasslands in the United States is about 1.5 million square miles (3.6 million square kilometers).

Burchell said that the study provides an insight into how species adapted to different types of habitat.

The results show that grassland ecosystems were more resilient and more dynamic in recent decades than previously thought.

“The grasslands of the American West, especially in the Southwest, have been changing dramatically in the past few decades and this study gives us a snapshot of the diversity of grasses,” Burchll said.

The report also found that there are approximately 8,600 species of grass, and the majority of these are small, grassy animals.

There are more than 400 species of herbivores, which include all sorts of animals like deer, elk, bison, rabbits, mule deer, and other species of large herbivore, and some birds.

The researchers found that grasslands can support more than 40 species of birds.

Bunnell said the study will provide insights into how grasslands have evolved over time and how these changes affect the health of animals.

The research team also looked at other types and types of landscapes, including prairies, woodlands, and agricultural land.

The authors suggest that this study could help to inform conservation policy to protect biodiversity.

“There is a real need for policy to be more holistic about the land use impacts of wildlife and the needs of the wildlife populations, such as the needs to manage predators and pathogens and to limit agricultural and urban development and access to land,” Bunchil said.

“As we continue to see large populations of wildland animals decline, it is imperative to understand how these species are surviving and thriving and the impacts they have on ecosystems and on the overall health of our planet.”

The study was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.


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