NEW YORK (Reuters) – The National Park Service is proposing to award federal land grants to conservation projects on the Buffalo grassland in northeastern New York and in southern California, in addition to other areas such as a national park and national wildlife refuge.

The proposal to award land to conservation and natural resource developers comes as the Trump administration aims to boost conservation funding in a bid to keep pace with the pace of climate change.

The Buffalo grasslands, home to native mammals such as the gray wolf, are considered a critical habitat for wildlife, and are known for their biodiversity and habitat.

The National Park Foundation, which oversees the Buffalo area, is proposing $300,000 in land grants over the next three years to help offset losses from the loss of the area’s buffalo and buffalo-like animals.

Buffalo National Wildlife Refuge, in southern New York, is also being eyed for federal funding to help protect habitat for the gray fox.

A draft of the proposed federal land-grant proposal, which will be voted on by the U.S. Congress, shows the Park Service’s focus is on Buffalo grasses, not on a national monument.

It also doesn’t mention the Great Basin National Park in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Buffoonay National Wildlife Sanctuary, located in southeastern New York state, is proposed to receive $50,000 over three years, along with $100,000 to the Buffalo National Wildlife Preserve.

It is part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Buffonay National Forest, which spans eastern New York to southern Colorado, is to receive a $30,000 grant over three months.

In addition, the Park and Recreation Department is proposing a $150,000 annual grant to conservation programs in the Buffalo Park National Forest.

A similar proposal was made by the Fish and Wildlife Service in 2018.

The park service’s new land-use plan would also provide federal funding for the Buffalo Grasslands Conservation Initiative.

The proposed program is aimed at supporting habitat restoration, conservation and restoration of wild lands and ecosystems and public education on wildlife, including how to prevent, report and control wildlife conflicts.

The Park Service said the Buffalo-Buffalo plan would be developed based on feedback from the community and is expected to be completed in the coming months.


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