The National Grassland Biome Project (NGBP) is a multi-year project that will improve the productivity of the Great Plains’ natural ecosystems, and help restore grasslands and wetlands.

The project, funded by the National Science Foundation, will bring together scientists and private citizens to develop a model to restore grassland habitats and habitats for wildlife, restore ecosystems, restore wetlands, and promote biodiversity.

The goal of the project is to create a more sustainable and resilient grassland ecosystem, which will help to restore ecosystems that have suffered from human activity and to promote ecosystem restoration.

The National Science Center is partnering with The University of Texas at Austin to develop the NGBP model, and the NGBB has been named as a finalist for a National Science Award.

“This project is a first step toward the goal of restoring grasslands that are now threatened by overuse, degradation, overuse and loss,” said Mary Ann Wilson, an assistant professor of environmental science at the University of South Texas, and a lead author on the project.

“It is critical that we do this as quickly as possible, but also to ensure that our work will be protected.”

The NGBP project is led by The University’s Institute for Ecological Studies (IEAS), which will serve as the project’s scientific leadership, Wilson said.

The Institute for Environmental Studies was created by Congress in 2001 to assist researchers in conducting fieldwork on the Great Lakes and to assist the United States government in planning and implementing conservation efforts.

The NGBB is one of several grassland restoration projects funded by federal funds and will provide a platform for public participation, including public meetings, peer review, and scientific analysis.

The NGBB aims to make grassland ecosystems more resilient and resilient to climate change.

The Great Plains have been subject to rapid environmental change due to climate impacts and increased human activity.

The NGFBP is a collaborative effort between the National Grasslands Biome Program, the University, and The University, Wilson explained.

“The National Grassgrounds Biome program is a partnership between the United State Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Geological Survey, the USDA’s Center for Environmental Research, The University and The Austin Peacock,” she said.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a branch of the Department of Defense, is funding the NGGB and will serve to support the NGDB project, Wilson noted.

“NGA is working with the National Research Council, National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy and the University to identify, develop and fund projects that will lead to better stewardship of the natural landscape, conservation, and restoration of the environment,” she added.

“This is a critical and innovative effort that will bring us closer to the goal we set for ourselves: to restore and protect our grasslands.”

The National Science Council and the Institute for Conservation Biology are also partnering on the NGBD.

“We have been working with our National Geographic Institute (NGI) and the National Geographic Society for several years to develop this model and plan the NGMB,” Wilson said, adding that the NGI has been a key supporter of the NGBC.

“They are very excited to support this project, and it is important to note that the NGA has a significant financial stake in the NGBI project as well.”

Wilson and co-authors of the paper include: David R. Bickert, assistant professor, University of Southern California, Pasadena; and Mark H. Stegeman, professor, U. of Texas, Austin; and David M. Smith, professor of natural sciences, The New School, New York City.


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