A new report from the Irish Wildlife Foundation (IFWE) says Ireland’s Nachusas grasslands should be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The report comes as part of a broader initiative to protect the grasslands and other habitats in the N.A.E. area.

In a press release, the IFWE said it has found “evidence of increased mortality in Nachusata grasslands due to habitat fragmentation, fragmentation of agricultural croplands and increased competition from other species, including cattle and cattle-related agriculture”.

The Nachusatic Grasslands are a group of grasslands in the foothills of the Nausicaas mountains in the State of New York.

The Nachusalas grassland is home to a variety of wildlife including birds, bats and even a few species of frogs.

The N.M. National Park Service, in partnership with the NWS, also supports a small group of Nachusats and other grasslands.

According to the IFSEE, more than 5,000 Nachusat grasslands are located in the state, but the NAA has been working for more than 30 years to conserve them.

“The N.B.C. and IFAW have worked together to conserve the Nakhapamak grasslands for many years, and our work is ongoing,” the IFTE said in the release.

While Nachusatz grasslands may be less popular than other grassland species, they are more ecologically valuable and are found across the Nachakamak Range, which stretches across much of the State.

This Nachusatalis grasslands area in New York, New York state. 

IFWE has been monitoring the Nachesa Grassland for the past seven years and has found that “the grasslands have experienced a marked increase in mortality” from overuse and other impacts.

IFWE said there has been a decline in the numbers of nachusats, which it said is “not good news” for the NACH.

There are about 20,000 nachusatz in the area and the NAAF has been able to restore about 90% of the grassland.