The price of roads across Australia is based on the number of hectares that they are covered, with more than one hectare covering more than 50,000 hectares.

The number of roads per hectare is also based on how many roads there are per square kilometre.

If a road is more than 2,000 metres wide, it is usually considered a grassland road.

A more detailed look at road cost in Australia can be found in the Road Cost Index and Roads and Infrastructure Index.

For more detailed road cost information, see Road Cost in Australia.

What is the price of a single road?

A single road in Australia is usually assessed based on its total cost and the number and type of roads on it.

A road is typically assessed on a range of factors, including the number, length, width and height of roads, and the quality of the roads.

This value can be used to calculate the price.

For example, if a road has a minimum width of 300 metres and a maximum width of 2,400 metres, the price is set at $10.20 for a single 100 metre wide road.

The minimum cost of a road may be based on a variety of factors including the distance covered by the road, the cost of maintenance and repair, and a variety, of other factors.

The road cost index for road types is based only on the average cost of the road for the road type and is not adjusted for any discounts.

The price for a road does not include the cost to construct, maintain and maintain it, including maintenance and repairs required to make the road safer.

This cost can be adjusted for, and is sometimes calculated, on a case-by-case basis.

The total cost of roads is also an important factor for road safety, and road construction costs may also be a factor.

The cost of new roads is usually based on an estimate of how many kilometres they will cover, based on road length, average speed and other factors such as the height and width of the highway.

However, new roads have also been constructed and repaired in recent years, and it is difficult to compare costs of these projects.

A thorough road cost assessment will take into account many other factors, such as: the design of the new road, including how it is planned to be used, and whether it will be used in the future,


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