The Obama administration’s effort last year to restore the American wolf, and others threatened by the global extinction of species like the bobcat and bobcat reindeer, is widely considered to be the most ambitious conservation program ever undertaken by the US government.

The Trump administration, however, is taking a much more ambitious approach.

“If we want to save species that are endangered, we need to focus on the areas of the country where there are the greatest threats to those species,” President Donald Trump said in a May 22 speech at the National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Washington.

“And that’s why we have made the commitment that if we have a wolf in our backyard, we’re going to save it.”

Trump’s bold claim about wolf conservation is based on the fact that a wolf’s range is limited by habitat loss and human activity.

However, the United States is home to over 1,000 federally listed threatened or endangered species, according to the United Nations.

Trump has proposed a slew of new restrictions on hunting, logging, and fishing, but conservationists say these policies are not enough.

While Trump has pledged to protect the species he says he loves, the president has failed to act on climate change, which threatens some species, and human-induced pollution of the environment.

As we speak, more than 200 million acres of federal lands in the US are designated as “exceptional” or “excepted” from development and development projects.

These lands have been designated as protected from development for a variety of reasons, including habitat conservation, wildlife habitat, the public health and safety of the population, and environmental protection.

In order to protect wildlife habitat from further degradation, the US Forest Service requires that land owners keep at least 10% of their timber and 100% of all other vegetation on their land “excepting timber, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, ornamentals, perennials, grass seedlings, ornamentally placed trees, or vegetation that is otherwise susceptible to disease, disturbance, or disturbance from human activities.”

The Trump Administration has proposed several steps that could help the United Kingdom to preserve its native grasslands, including establishing a wolf sanctuary, building a fence to keep wolf numbers down, and limiting development on these lands.

But the Trump administration’s focus on wolf conservation ignores the fact the United Sates has already saved more than 5 million acres through wildlife conservation programs and is still home to an estimated 1,500 federally listed endangered species.

The United States has already rescued nearly 5 million wolves and cougars, according the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).


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