By Kate Kelly / Business Insider / By John Stauffer / 3,000 acres in Tennessee, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, is the heart of a growing trend in agriculture.

The Tennessee Grassland Butter, a national leader in sustainable pasture production, launched in April, offering premium pasture products at a fair price.

The grasslands are home to an estimated 400,000 animals, and they produce around 30% of the state’s fresh milk, according to the organization.

Butter is the first of a new breed of grass-fed beef that can be grown in a rural setting.

It’s also the first time the grasslands have been used in a marketing campaign, but it’s a win for Tennessee farmers, who could save more than $300,000 per year.

The company’s product is a blend of soybean protein, grass-finished beef fat and grass-based fats, and is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is made with pasture-raised beef, not conventionally raised cattle.

The butter, which comes in a variety of sizes, is made from pasture raised grasses and is sold at a variety store chains.

The company also offers a grass-fat substitute, which is produced from the same grasses.

Butt producers, farmers and ranchers across the country have been experimenting with alternative feed options, and Tennessee is no different.

According to the U-M Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Tennessee’s grasslands produce up to 70% of Tennessee’s fresh, chilled milk, and are home of the largest amount of grass hay.

This is the kind of milk that is used in many grocery stores and on many dairy products, such as butter, cheese and milk.

Butter is also an important source of protein, as it’s an important part of the animal’s diet.

A grass-free grass-land butter is also a better source of animal protein, the organization said, as is grass-derived butter from the grasses used for butter.

But butter has become a more viable alternative to other meat alternatives in the past few years, because it can be produced at a much higher rate.

In 2014, the USDA published a report indicating that the average grass-raised cow produced 2.5 pounds of beef fat per day.

And in 2018, the same report found that the country was producing up to 2.9 pounds of grass fat per cow per day, a 30% increase from a decade earlier.

A recent study found that in 2018 grass-fueled butter made up just 13% of beef produced in the U: a figure that is expected to rise in 2019.

In 2020, grass fed butter was the only alternative to beef that was growing faster than beef that had been raised in other ways, the study said.

But the report did not indicate if the increase in grass-produced butter could be attributed to new technologies such as synthetic grass and artificial insemination, or to the grass-growing season itself.


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