Ramona, Ariz.

— (CNN) It’s a bit of a trick, but a trick that can help you pick cotton without the use of any chemical.

You can get the seeds of the jumbo cane to harvest cotton by taking the seeds and soaking them in a mixture of a mineral solution and distilled water.

You can also harvest the seedlings from the cane, which you can either plant on your lawn or bury in the ground, according to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

You’ll need to use a soil conditioner and a chemical that can dissolve the mineral in the soil.

The conditioner can be used as a chemical fertilizer to make the soil more fertile and productive.

You should then add the seedling into the soil and plant it to help the seed develop into a cane, said Karen Hough, a botanist at the University at Albany.

Once the plant is planted, the plant will need to be maintained and protected for several months to help it develop the plant’s natural defenses, which can include a protective layer of sand.

The seeds are also good for your garden, she said.

If you’re looking for a way to get some cotton to your yard, you can make your cane into a cotton picker, she added.

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