A rare species of wildflower has been found in Australia’s wildflower meadows, which is part of a rare group of plants that have evolved to be a pest to the native grasses.

The unusual grass is the “herbal”, and the researchers said the unusual grasses have been seen before.

“It’s a very unusual occurrence in the sense that we know these are wildflower grasses and not other grasses, so it’s something very different,” researcher John Riddle said.

The new species is called “The Spotted Grassland” and it’s found in the northern part of the state of New South Wales.

It is the first known species of a herbivore herbivorous plant to be found in New South Welsh meadows.

“These are species that have been living on the meadows for millions of years, and they have evolved quite well,” Riddle told Recode.

“So they’ve got a really high degree of tolerance to things that are going to affect their food supply, and we have to keep in mind they’re herbivores.”

So they’re going to do a lot of killing, so that’s a pretty big thing that’s important to note.

“A species like this is not something that’s going to be seen in the wild for decades to come, and there are a few things that have to be considered.

The researchers say that the herbivorans will be in the meadow longer than any other grass, and it may take a long time for them to adapt.”

The longer the grass is there, the more time that they’re not going to have a lot to eat.

And then the longer they stay there, and the more food they get, the less food they’ll be able to use up,” Riddell said.”

But it’s a really interesting species.

“The study is published in the journal Science Advances.


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