When a player is on a training ground for the first time, he must do everything necessary to maintain a good mental state and avoid the mental fatigue associated with prolonged training.

This includes, but is not limited to: maintaining a clear head, maintaining a relaxed and alert body posture, avoiding distractions such as noise, noise pollution, excessive noise, excessive sound levels, and the like.

In addition, the player must not be distracted or distracted by any other external stimulus that is not of his own volition.

This can include: a) the environment, such as sunlight, heat, humidity, noise, and light pollution; b) social interactions, such in a public place, at a bar, in a sports bar, or at home; or c) a personal situation that requires him to be in a state of alertness, such a relationship or relationship in which the player is present, but in a situation that is difficult for him to maintain.

In the event that a player suffers from any of the aforementioned symptoms, he will not train or compete.

He will be assessed at the end of training and will be allowed to return home if he is able to do so.