Water, electricity, and a bit of sand are all in South-East Africa’s top 10 priorities for 2015, according to the Water, Power, and Sand Index.

Water and power are top priorities for the area’s water users.

It’s worth noting that the Water and Power Index only considers water, not the electricity sector, so there’s no water sector to measure.

However, electricity accounts for almost two thirds of the total in South East Africa, so a fair amount of electricity is used to power South-Eastern Africa.

Water is also a priority for the country’s sand producers, who have been fighting a long battle to find water resources in the South-Western Cape region.

The water sector in South West Africa’s West is also struggling with the effects of the drought, and there is still no certainty about when or if it will return.

South-eastern Cape is currently experiencing the worst drought in the country, and has seen record rainfall since November, but there are no reports of water shortages or shortages of supplies.

In the region, there are also no reliable electricity supplies.

With a lack of reliable electricity, water is a priority.

Water, Water, and Power In South-western Africa, water and power is considered the countrys top priority.

The South-Eastern Cape region, the largest in the region and home to South Africa and South-Central Africa, has a huge potential for water, power and sand resources, especially considering its geography.

The Water and Water Management Area (WOMA) is the South West’s main water and water management area.

This area covers over 2.5 million hectares of land, and is made up of two districts.

It is divided into five districts and the water resources there are a focus for water resources development.

Water resources development is the area where water flows into rivers and springs, which is then re-distributed to the surrounding areas.

In many areas of South West South Africa, there is a major focus on water resources.

There is a huge amount of water resources around the country and there are large areas of land in the area that are being developed.

The main water resources that are currently in the WOMA are the Lake and Lake East reservoirs.

The Lake East reservoir is located in the centre of the South Eastern Cape.

The lake and lake east reservoir have a capacity of 12,500,000 cubic meters per day, which means that they can hold more than 1.4 million cubic meters of water.

In addition, the Womac Water and Sewerage District also holds water from the Lake East Reservoir.

The Womax River, a major source of drinking water in the southern part of the country is also in the water management system of the Woomac Water Supply District.

There are many other water resources and resources that can be developed.

In fact, the Water Resource Management Area is one of the areas in South South Africa that is known for its biodiversity and its diverse flora and fauna.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has identified the Wombas Lakes region as one of its most promising biodiversity hotspots in South and South East South Africa.

There, biodiversity is found in some of the most remote areas in the world, which includes the Wompas River in South Central Africa.

This river is used as a water source by some communities.

The rivers and streams in South Eastern South Africa also provide water to the region.

There have also been efforts to develop the South Western Cape for the purpose of development.

The Wetlands and Wetlands Management Area of South East and South West are areas that are considered one of South Africas most promising ecosystems.

These areas provide habitat for a number of wildlife species, and they also have some of Africa’s most diverse ecosystems.

The wetlands and wetlands management area has a capacity to hold more that 3 million cubic metres of water, and the wetland in the Wetlands Conservation Area has a reserve of more than 2.8 million cubic feet of water for the conservation of its wildlife.

Water Resources Development South-South-West South-east South-west is one the largest and most diverse parts of South-central Africa.

It includes the Upper Nile, Upper Nile Basin, South West Basin, the Lake Gebir, and several other places.

Water in the Upper and Lower Nile is used for irrigation, agriculture, and water treatment.

The Upper Nile is the largest water source in the entire region, with a capacity for 8 million cubic metre per day.

The Lower Nile Basin is the second largest water resource in the Central and Southern regions of the region with a reserve capacity of 3.4 billion cubic metres per day and a freshwater reserve of 1.6 billion cubic meters.

The Basin is one part of a complex system that includes the Lake Dibon, the Lower Nile River, the Upper River Basin, and Lake Dabo.


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