The last time a major urban area in North America had a population of bison was the plains of western North Dakota in the 1800s.

A few years later, with the arrival of settlers, that number soared.

But when the buffalo vanished, the population went from one in the Dakotas to hundreds.

Bears are the last living species of bovine and, in some ways, they are the most important.

The bison are the only major land mammal in the United States.

But they were driven from the continent in the late 1800s, when humans were carving up the prairies and other landscapes of the Midwest and Plains states.

The land was once home to a range of animals from the buffalo to the antelope.

Today, bison graze in about half of the United Sates, with about one-third of the population concentrated in the Great Plains and Midwest.

The buffalo was the largest land animal, and the most successful, with over 1.4 million animals killed in the American west.

They’re the only bison on record to live to be 100 years old, and only about a third of them are living in the wild.

Bears were first domesticated around 2,000 years ago in North Asia.

They evolved from the small mammals known as leopards, which have the long necks of a bear and the short horns of a lion.

They also evolved from wolves, who were domesticated in Eurasia about 3,000 to 3,500 years ago.

Bears and wolves are the closest living relatives of the modern-day bison.

Bears’ unique ability to adapt to and thrive in changing environments is one of the reasons they’re so important in the ecosystems they live in.

They have adapted to a wide range of habitats and environments.

Bears live in prairies, forests, prairie grasslands and other grasslands.

The vast majority of bisons live in the Rocky Mountains.

In some areas, the animals are kept in cages, where they’re kept in small, isolated groups.

There are also the occasional bison that are kept on public lands or in other public places such as parks, and that are occasionally killed for meat or meat products.

Bears can live for a couple of years in captivity, but it’s unlikely that they would survive.

They do tend to be larger, though, so that’s another reason they’re important.

They can grow up to four feet (1.8 meters) tall and weigh about 300 pounds (140 kilograms).

Bison are also active hunters and gatherers, but their ability to hunt and gather food is limited.

Bears spend their entire lives in herds, which are groups of up to three.

They live in small groups, and they have a long life span, ranging from just a few years to 50 years.

Bison aren’t known for being particularly smart, and their short life spans and short life span makes it difficult for them to adapt quickly to the environment.

They use their large size and ability to move quickly to find food to build nests and to defend themselves.

Bears also have a unique diet, which is rich in protein, fiber and minerals.

Bears rely on the small number of animals they have to live on, and even if the area is relatively small, the large number of bears helps them live longer.

Bears have evolved a specialized ability to survive in environments that they don’t normally see, which helps them survive in an urban environment.

That means the bison in urban areas have more opportunities to be preyed on, but also has an opportunity to reproduce, which can make it difficult to protect them.

Bears in urban settings have been known to carry out attacks on humans.

They may also be more likely to attack other animals, because they’re more likely in a group and they know where they are.

It can be a problem because bears don’t typically eat humans, but that doesn’t mean the predators aren’t still there.

They eat livestock and people, too.

Bears hunt other animals for food and meat, too, and can also carry diseases such as brucellosis and salmonella.

The Bears in Buffalo National Grassland in eastern North Dakota are one of a handful of large bison populations in the Midwest.

They were originally kept in captivity for the benefit of people, but have been released to the wild since the mid-1980s.

Their habitat is mostly farmland, with some of the animals living in urban environments.

Their diet consists of a variety of meat, including deer, moose, elk, elks, bighorn sheep and other large game.

They sometimes eat berries as well.

The Buffalo Grassland is a remnant of a large Native American population that lived around the Great Lakes before the arrival, in the 1600s, of Europeans.

Native Americans also used bison for their food, but they didn’t live as long.

The animals were hunted,


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